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Migrant Education


A migrant student has a parent who works in agriculture, forestry, meat processing plants, dairy or fisheries, and, in the last 3 years, has moved from one school district to another in order to work (temporary or seasonal) in agricultural activities.


Migrant Education Program

Newcomer Toolkit

The Newcomer Tool Kit is designed to help U.S. educators; elementary and secondary teachers, principals, and other school staff who work directly with immigrant students—including asylees and refugees—and their families.

Supporting New Students to America (UEN) Parent Resources

Supporting New Students to America (UEN) Student Resources

US Department of Education: Office of Migrant Education

Utah State Office of Education: Migrant Education Program


Tammy Fulmer 801-567-8306 Teacher Specialist
Hilda Lloyd  801-567-8308 Migrant Outreach