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ALS Team – Contact Us

 Name Phone Title
Michelle Love-Day 801-567-8235 Consultant
Krista Mecham 801-567-8321 Teacher Specialist: Elementary: Mountain Ridge, Copper Hills, and Riverton Feeder Systems; Kauri Sue; McKinney Vento (Homeless)
Sheri Sample 801-567-8307 Teacher Specialist. Secondary: Bingham, Riverton, and West Jordan Feeder Systems; Valley High, River's Edge, and South Valley; Native American
Shasta Burton 801-567-8427 Teacher Specialist. Secondary: Copper Hills, Herriman, and Mountain Ridge Feeder Systems; Migrants and Refugees
Tammy Fulmer  801-567-8306 Teacher Specialist. Elementary: Bingham, Herriman, and West Jordan Feeder Systems; Immigrants
Angie Mar Velez 801-567-8292 Bilingual Psychologist
Yolimar Burgos Febles 801-567-8130 Bilingual Psychologist
Hilda Lloyd 801-567-8308 Homeless/Migrant Outreach
Mirsa Joosten 801-567-8314 Outreach Translator
Amber Mason 801-567-8317 Native American Mentor
Jamie Williams 801-567-8126 Native American Mentor
Fax 801-567-8073