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Registration and Identification of English Learners and Other Students Eligible for Services

Mission Identification

View a short video of how English learners need to be identified.

  Transcript of the above video presentation.

Please Note

  • The Identification Forms have been updated.
  • Please recycle all old Classification Forms.
  • Please only use the ones with a 5/4/2017 revision date (bottom right hand corner).

Critical Registration Information:

  • English learners (ELs) should always be placed in classes for their appropriate age. ELs should not be retained based on a limited understanding of English.
  • Immigrants and English learners must be registered with the name that is won the birth certificate. DO NOT leave out parts of their name.

Identification of English Learners

English learners are identified at the school level.

  1. English learners are identified through the answers on the Home Language Survey.
  2. If any question on the Home Language Survey or other screen in Skyward, is answered with a language other than English, an ALS English Learner Identification Form should be completed and sent to the ALS Department.
    1. To find which students should be identified you can run the Student Language Survey Report.
    2. Please run this report weekly to make sure all students are identified.
    3. Complete a form on each student who has an answer other than English.
  3. Before sending in the ALS English Learner Identification Form, print out the Home Language Survey for each student identified. (Make copies if there are multiple kids in one family.) See instruction sheet below.
  4. Attach (paper clip) the Home Language Survey to each ALS English Learner Identification Form and send to ALS.
  5. To receive ALS English Learner Identification Forms contact Toni Soeffker @

Identification of Immigrant, Migrant and Refugee Students

  1. The Home Language Survey has been expanded to include questions to help identify immigrant, migrant and refugee students.
  2. Many of these students will be identified based on language, but there are others who may speak English that need to be identified.
  3. To identify all students that may be eligible run the Immigrant/Migrant/Refugee Report. See instruction sheet below.
  4. For students who are on this report, that have not previously been identified, print out a copy of the Home Language Survey and send it to the ALS Department. Nothing else needs to be attached.

Glossary of Terms:

  • Home Language Survey - A survey of 3 questions regarding language. Parents complete this form as part of the registration process.
  • Immigrant - Title III definition of ‘immigrant children and youth’ means students who:
    • Are aged 3 through 21
    • Were not born in any one of the 50 United States; and
    • Have not been attending one or more schools in any of the 50 United States for more than 3 full academic years;
    • The term “State” means one of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
  • Migrant (Farmworker)- A migrant student has a parent who works in agriculture, forestry, meat processing plants, dairy or fisheries, and, in the last 3 years, has moved from one school district to another in order to work (temporary or seasonal) in agricultural activities.
  • OCR - Office of Civil Rights
  • PHLOTE - Primary Home Language Other Than English
  • Refugee - A refugee is defined as a student who has fled to another country to be resettled due to political, religious or social persecution.
  • Title III - Title III is the section in ESSA that relates to English learners and Immigrant students.

Quick Tips for Running All Reports and Submitting Supporting Documentation