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Consultations with an EL Teacher Specialist

The teacher specialist in Educational Support Services offer two kinds of consultations to teachers regarding their English learners.

Teacher Specialists:

Krista Mecham - Elementary schools in the Copper Hills, Mountain Ridge, and Riverton Feeder Systems and Kauri Sue.
Tammy Fulmer- Elementary schools in the Bingham, Herriman, and West Jordan Feeder Systems.
Shasta Burton- Secondary schools in the Copper Hills, Mountain Ridge, and Herriman Feeder Systems.
Sheri Sample - Secondary schools in the Bingham, Riverton, and West Jordan Feeder Systems and Valley High, River's Edge, and South Valley.

Consultation Types

For either consultation type below, email your assigned teacher specialist (above), fill out this form, and create an account for intervention central

  • Do you need strategies and instruction ideas for your English learner? Schedule a consultation to brainstorm ideas and get you on the right path.
    • This consultation will be a collaboration between specialist and teacher, looking at curriculum, strategies, techniques and differentiation.
  • Does you English learners need some RTI for specific skill deficits? Schedule a consultation with a specialist to guide you through the RTI process with your English learner.
    • This consultation will help identify specific concerns the student is having, review current and historical data and assist in determining appropriate interventions and progress monitoring. The intervention process is designed to find and fill the academic gaps the student may have. By doing so, most students are able to begin catching up to their native English speaking peers.
  • Forms and Support Material: