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Help for Struggling English Language Learners

When a teacher identifies that they have an English language learner who is struggling, they may contact the teacher specialist assigned for their school to set up a consultation. Your specialist will make an appointment to come and meet with you at your school.

Krista Mecham 801-567-8321 Teacher Specialist (Copper Hills, Herriman, and Riverton Feeder Systems)
Sheri Sample 801-567-8307 Teacher Specialist (Bingham and West Jordan Feeder Systems)

The consultation will help identify specific concerns the student is having, review current and historical data and assist in determining appropriate interventions and progress monitoring. The intervention process is designed to find and fill the academic gaps the student may have. By doing so, most students are able to begin catching up to their native English speaking peers.

English Language Learners and Response to Interventions

In the event that progress is not made through the proper implementation of the intervention process, students may then be considered for a special education referral.